Volunteer Information
How to Volunteer at Barkley

At the Board meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2011, the School Board approved a revised Volunteer Policy.  The complete policy is available in the Barkley main office.


The policy requires that all “assistive volunteers” be cleared through the Raptor System in our school offices.  The policy also requires that all volunteers be approved by the School Board.  Assistive volunteers do not need Child Abuse or Criminal Check Clearances. According to the policy:


An assistive volunteer is any individual who voluntarily provides services to the school district, without compensation, and who (1) works directly under the supervision and direction of a teacher or administrator employed by the district; and (2) does not provide direct services to students or have unsupervised contact with students. Examples of assistive volunteers may include homeroom parents/guardians, individuals who volunteer to assist in the planning or conducting of classroom celebrations, concert/performance ushers, and individuals who help manage, officiate or perform functions ancillary to an athletic event or extracurricular activity.


If you would like to be approved by the Board as a volunteer at Barkley Elementary, please complete the volunteer memo below and return it to school. 
We may need parent/guardian volunteers to assist with field trips. As these volunteers will at times have unsupervised contact with students, official clearances are required. Therefore, parents and guardians who wish to be considered as volunteers for field trips must have a Pennsylvania State Police Clearance (Act 34) and a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151).