Skyward Access
On these screens in the lower-left is a drop-down box that will show additional records. 
Skyward Employee Access - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I retrieve a forgotten password? There is a link on the logon page for forgotten passwords. Clicking this link and entering your e-mail address will trigger an e-mail to be sent to your PASD e-mail account with your logon credentials.
2. When requesting a day off I see there is the option to request a single day or to use a date range. How come I cannot request off using the date range? Because of the way our Human Resources system is configured, the application cannot handle requests for time off using a date range. All requests for time off must be requested in single days. So if you are taking a week off, you will need to record a single entry for each day off being requested.
3. How will I know if I my request for time off is approved? When your supervisor approves or denies your request, you will receive an e-mail.
4. When should I record short notice time off events such as sickness, family sickness, funeral, or on-call jury duty? As long as you are fulfilling the existing rules that apply to you for notifying your supervisor and, if applicable, arranging for your substitute, it is not mandatory to request these types of time off in advance. You may request days in these categories on the day you return to work and then back dating your request. However Skyward's Employee Access is available on-line and you may request them from home on the date of occurrence if you prefer.
5. What if I request a day off and then change my mind? If your supervisor has not taken action on your request yet, you can simply delete your request from the Time Off area by highlighting the entry and then clicking the delete button. However, if your request has already been approved, this option will not be available. In this case you must request the day off again exactly as you entered the original request except this time you will request the day as a negative number. Once approved by your supervisor, the original request is reversed out and your balance will be credited with the rescinded day.
6. What if I want to take time off for a new fiscal year and my new allotment of days off have not been credited to my account yet? Your replenishment of earned time off will not be credited to your account until after July 1st each year. If you need to request vacation or personal time for the next fiscal year you can still do so. However, your displayed totals will not be reflective of your actual entitlement and you will see negative balances once your request is approved. As long as you are requesting days that you will be entitled - and there are no other departmental conflicts - your request will approved. Once you are issued your new year's supply of days off, your account will adjust to show the proper totals automatically.
7. What do I do if I find incorrect information concerning my biographical data displayed in Employee Access? Contact the Human Resources office.
8. What do I do if I find a discrepancy in my pay rate, withholdings, days off or if I have a question concerning my W2 or W4? Contact the Payroll office.
9. What if I have trouble navigating this site or need help using one of the features? Contact your building's technical aide or you may drop an e-mail to
10. How come I can't see payroll history prior to July 1, 2008? Skyward went live for us on this date so prior year's data is not available on the new system. However, going forward you will be able to see prior year data back to July 1, 2008.
11. On some of the YTD screens, I can only see 10 entries. How do I see more history beyond these ten entries? On these screens in thelower-left is a drop-down box that will show additional records.