Skyward Access


Skylert FAQ

·         If I did not hear the whole message is there a way that I can listen to it again?

Yes. Anytime during the message you can press buttons 3 through 9 or the * key and the message will start over. Also, you have the option to put the call on hold for up to 2 minutes by pressing the # key.
·         Is there a way I can view emergency messages without contacting the school?
Yes. Every time an emergency message is sent out, the message is posted on the school district website. You can view this message by visiting: Note that only emergency messages are posted here.

·         Why did I not receive a call, email or text message?

Check to make sure all of your information is correct. You can do this by going onto your Skyward Family Access account page and clicking on Skylert. Make sure you choose which notifications you would like to receive by placing a check mark in the notification boxes under Emergency, Attendance, General and Food Service. Also, make sure you are checking the boxes that are horizontally aligned across from the phone, email and text message fields that your information is in.

·         What is the difference between Emergency and General Notifications?

Emergency Notifications consist of early dismissals and true emergencies. General Notifications consist of everything else, such as all-day school closings, school delays, activities, student productions, etc.

·         How come I am still receiving Attendance Notifications even though I do not have the box check marked?

Only the High School is using this functionality. All of the other schools will continue to send out attendance messages as they have always done.