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Jean Szegedy, Transportation

Special Note regarding Transportation:
In the event of a change in the school schedule (i.e. two-hour delay, early dismissal), the buses for all schools will follow the schedule of the Phoenixville Area School District. Therefore, if a non-public school follows an alternate schedule and not the PASD schedule, there will be a difference in the departure/arrival time of students. For instance, if the non-public school is operating on a normal schedule and the PASD is operating on a two-hour delay, the students will be picked-up at their stops on the two-hour delay. If PASD elects to dismiss early, buses will be sent to the non-public schools on that early schedule to pick-up the students. If PASD elects to transport at the regular time and non-publics are on a two-hour delay, the students will be transported on the regular schedule and arrive at their destination two hours prior to the later opening.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's Bus Transportation, please contact Jean Szegedy at 484-927-5026 or via email at SzegedyJ@PASD.K12.PA.US .
All requests for changes to your child's transportation must be put in writing to Jean Szegedy. Please note that all request must be investigated and you will be notified if your request can be granted. Please complete the Transportation Change Request Form and fax to 610-933-3707.
If your child has left an item on the bus you may call the Bus Garage at 610-983-0556.